Do something everyday that scares you.


This is a slightly adapted version of a quote from Ryan Holiday.If it’s not Ryan it’s Wim Hof telling you push your boundaries. You know what? They might well have a point. I’d been doing the warm shower, then switch to cold thing for a little while, but didn’t really feel any benefit. Sure it felt different, but it also felt like the moment when someone else in the house...

Happy Friday


It was a simple concept.Share a little slice of positivity on a Friday afternoon. Each week the customer care manager would collate a few of the best reviews that we’d received over the last 7 days.They’d then be added to a very simple email and sent to everyone in the business at 3pm on a Friday afternoon.The subject line simply said ‘Happy Friday’. It was the perfect...

Enjoy the ride


This was the motto of an activewear brand I worked for.It’s a beautifully simple phrase that reminds you to be mindful whilst being active.It came to me this morning as I cycled to work.Like most journeys, there are uphills and downhills. The UPHILL The anticipationThe energyThe burn There are a few options… Double down, grit your teeth and push throughWork through the gears, maintain...



Monday’s are all about numbers for me. Alarm at 5:30. Waking and working out to the numbers. 30 minutes of yoga and reflection.20 minutes of inspirational content.30 minutes for shower & breakfast. Work by 7:30. Crunching the numbers. Daily sales, weekly performance, month to date.Traffic, average order value, conversion.Channel performance, product performance, market performance...



Short or long.Easy or hard.First or last.5 or 10. Road or trail.Flat or hilly.Country or town.Wet or dry. Brief or boxer.Base or tee.Compression or cushioning.New shoes or old. Slow or fast.Steady or sprint.Push or cruise.Breathe or blow. Stretch or strain.Drink or gulp.Refuel or recover.Reset or restart. There can be many decisions that go into a run. One decision you won’t regret is...

5 years & 5,127 prototypes


That’s how long and how many iterations it took James Dyson.Creating the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner wasn’t quick or easy.It took 5,126 failures, before 1 success.Success doesn’t often come over night, it comes over time. Every Friday a group of friends that met on an online course gather.We share inspirational content, challenges and ideas.This mornings was a...



Just Do ItIf you can dream it, you can do itThe Do LecturesDon’t think, just doPlan, Do, Review How can a two letter word be so powerful? There’s no anxiety, no hesitation, no apprehension.It’s filled with energy, positivity and action.All contained in such a small word. Do There is beauty in its simplicity.I think it might just be my favourite word in the English language. Do...

When can I get a phone?


It’s probably the most frequently asked question that I’ve been asked in my 45 years on this planet.Having a 13 year old daughter means this has been a regular topic of conversation for the last 12-18 months. Did you know both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs raised their children tech-free?Two of the biggest technology business owners limited their kids exposure to tech.14 was the age that they let...

Pick. Pack. Dispatch.


The typical new starter induction for a digital or ecommerce role involves a day or half day spent picking and packing orders.For many people that’s the first and last time that they spend time in that part of the business.This is such a missed opportunity to understand your customer and their behaviours intimately. To the annoyance of many of the warehouse managers that I’ve worked with...

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